Weeks 11 and 12 Summary

The Wire got super intense these two weeks. I honestly thought that the season 3 finale set the series up to be over (even though I knew it wasn’t because I was already assigned to work on the next season). If the show had ended there though, it would have been wrapped up nicely. I really like season 4 so far, because I like how it is looking at schools and the education system. The show has already shown how the different aspects of the city that it has already looked at has affected children, but not it is mainly about children.

For my assignments, I censored a scene from The Wire (worth 5 stars), and I made the video essay (worth 5 stars), and worked with a group to swede season 3 episode 11 (worth 5 stars).

I participated in my third and final video discussion on Tuesday (11/04). On that same day, I listened live to the commentary on ds106 radio, and live tweeted it.

I have been working on my final project already because I want to space it all out over a few weeks as the story progresses. See my final project week 1 post here.

Daily Creates – November 8th, 11th, 16th

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