Week 13 and 14 Summary

I’m really enjoying Prez’s storyline on The Wire right now (which I am paying closer attention to because of my final project). I am really interested in the school kids and how they are connected to the game. The class for kids with behavioral problems is really sad but realistic, especially when they are talking about how the kids only act the way they do because they know they won’t do well in life anyways. I feel like that is something that a lot of people don’t understand so I’m really glad they put it in the show. I do wish they were showing more of Cutty right now than they are.

During these two weeks, I have continued to work on my final project, which I won’t write about here because the project gets it’s own summary post (here and here). I am having a lot of fun with this project and it’s wrapping up now so that all I really have left is to have Prez change jobs.

For assignments, I did the sports logo mashup (worth 3 stars), and the inappropriate laughter assignment (worth 3 stars).

Daily Creates: Nov 18th, 23rd

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