Final Project Week 1 Update

So for my ds106 final project (sniff, sniff) I am using Roland “Prez” Pryzbylewski, everyone’s favorite cop killer from The Wire. But seriously, I do have a weird soft spot for this character. He does awful stuff in seasons 1 and 3, but still seems to be a good guy that you pity.

I decided to have him write a self-help book on anger management (pictured below). In my version of the story, after he pistol-whips that poor kid in season 1, Prez does a lot of work with a therapist to get over his issues. He has to work through his anger issues about being in a stressful job that he doesn’t necessarily like. He also as to get through what his anger made him do. He was so successful in this that he decides to share his success with the world. In his book he is open about the incident, why it happened, and how much better he has gotten since then. He currently promotes his book on a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and personal blog.

In the first week, I have put out information about his book, on his blog, twitter, and Facebook.  He also is doing a book signing at local book stores in Baltimore, which he also advertised on his blog. He also put out various random tweets about his life.

For this week, I sort of did this book cover assignment (worth 3 stars), and a poster assignment (worth 3 stars). For the book cover assignment I used this image and photoshop. For the poster, I used the book cover I had already made, photoshop and this article about bookstores in Maryland.

In the weeks to come, more advertising will be done on his social media sites about the book. But tragedy will strike when in week 3 he murders a cop (as seen in The Wire season 3). Stay tuned!

Prez- Book 1 Prez- Book Cover 2

Prez - Book Signing

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