Final Project – Week 3 update

For my third week of my final project, I have decided to focus on the events of Season 3 of The Wire. In season 3, things are going pretty well for Pryzblewski, until he shoots and kills plain-clothed cop.

In my narrative of these events, Prez comes under fire in the newspaper for the shooting. On Nov 28th, the newspaper reported on the shooting and questions the motives. On Nov 30th, the press point out that he has a past of violence and wrote a self help book. Prez defended himself against both of these articles on his blog, and linked to his responses on his Twitter and Facebook. I figured his Twitter and Facebook would be pretty quiet for a few days after this, so there won’t be anything the next few days.

For this week, I created a new assignment to create a newspaper (worth 3 stars). For my newspapers, I used a template found here, and news articles from the Baltimore Sun found here, here, and here. I then wrote the two articles about Prez on my own, and included a screen shot from the show in one.  Here are the two newspaper articles that I created for this week :Prez - NewspaperPrez - Newspaper2

One thought on “Final Project – Week 3 update

  1. Wow, terrific idea for a new assignment and well executed for your character. I like this so much I think I’m going to do this assignment for my own character next week!

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