Final Project – Week 2 update

For this week, Prez is continuing to promote his book, this week with a radio advert, and promoting his Goodreads page.

Here is the link to the post that Prez made on his blog about the radio advert (he also linked to the blog post through Twitter and Facebook).  I made this advert by recording my voice and lowering the pitch to make myself sound more manish through iMovie. I then added this lovely music to make it more cheesy and happy sounding. For a radio advert for a cheesy book, I really liked the way this advert turned out. I’m going to contribute this assignment to this radio advertisement assignment and say it’s worth 3 stars.

Also this week, Prez posted about his new page on Goodreads. I really wanted to make him a fake Goodreads page because Goodreads is one of my favorite websites, and he wrote a book so it made sense. I wasn’t sure what assignment this would count as , so I made my own (worth 3 stars).

I made this by staking a screen shot of a book page on Goodreads (specifically this one because everyone should read it). I then used photoshop to coverup all of the wrong text and added in my own. I also covered up the book picture with my own.

Prez- Goodreads

This upcoming week will be when Prez shoots the cop, so I will be putting out some newspaper articles and having Prez respond to them, after which he will change careers. Stay tuned!

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