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Radio Show

This is the radio show that my group put together. My group decided that we would all record about five minutes worth of content, plus an advert and a bumper. We decided to do a news segment for our radio show, focusing on stories that happened during the second season of The Wire. I decided to do the discovery of Sobatka’s body as a three minute segment. I also pulled in information about Ziggy’s arrest to give the story some more context. I also decided to do the deaths from the tainted drugs in the prison, and pulled in information about overall drug use in prison, also to give the story some context. I decided to give both of my stories some more context, because this is something that you hear news reports doing all the time. They will tell you about a specific crime, and then sometimes tell you about a trend or connections to other stories.

The advert that I submitted was the one that I made for the UMW radio advert assignment. I also used the radio bumper that I had made using the intro music from The Wire, and then I made another one like using the music from the first season.

Also I made a bumper sicker for our radio station. The main logo was designed by another group member, and was sent to me.

Bumper Sticker

Radio Show Progress

For the radio show project, my group decided we would split up the work by each making a five minute segment. We decided that we would style our radio show as a news program. I have made a script for and recorded one 3 minute story about Soatka’s body being found in the water, and one 2 minute story about the deaths in the prison from the tainted heroine. I also made my radio bumper based on The Wire (using the music from the intro), and a UMW radio advert.

We will be meeting tomorrow to work on editing everything together, and I believe we will all help with that process.