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What the Bleep?

Original Scene from The Wire

I found the That Bleeping Censor Assignment, and I really wanted to do it. I of course immediately thought of the scene from season 1 of The Wire, where McNulty and Bunk are investigating an old crime scene, and the only phrases they say the whole scene are “fuck,” “mother fucker,” “mother f,” “what the fuck,” etc. I got a copy of the scene from youtube here, embedded below. I downloaded it, and then used this tutorial to figure out how to censor audio on iMovie (I’m still not sure this is the best way but it wasn’t hard so it worked). I then used iMovie, and using the bleeping sounds provided by the tutorial, I muted the cuss words, and put the bleeping sounds over them. This was a very fun scene to work on because the amount of cuss words I had to censor out. There were parts where the dialogue was “fuck” said about 10 times very quickly. Instead of having a series of little bleeps, which hurt my head to listen to, I had one long bleep. Enjoy!


Story Map

I was originally going to do the Journey to Somewhere visual assignment, but decided to create a separate assignment because I wanted to use Knightlab’s Storymaps instead of a Google Presentation. So this is now for my new Story Map Assignment. I had used this website for a previous project and it was really fast and easy. The hardest part about it is that to embed it on a wordpress post, you have to have the Knightlab Timeline plugin installed and activated, insert the sharable link and set to the right parameters for the map you created.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.06.54 AM

You then post the map through this plug in, otherwise the map will not be embedded right and will only show up as a link.

Rock ‘n The Wire

The Wire S2E1 001 The Wire S2E1 039 The Wire S2E1 087

For my third assignment of the week, I decided to take the Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF assignment and apply it to the season 2 episode 1 of The Wire. I  decided that the bar scene was perfect for this assignment because not only is there a band playing (The Nighthawks) but the crew from the docks were all hanging out together, drinking, and talking about the good old days.

I made these gifs the same way I made the ones for last week’s assignment. I used MPEG Streamclip to trim the video down and export it as images and then used GIMP to open them as layers and save as a gif. I did decide not to do any of the dialogue in this scene because I don’t think it went with the band theme of them listening to music, dancing, and drinking.