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UMW Radio Ad

This is for the Cheesy Radio Ad for your School assignment, which is worth 3 stars. I decided to do this one because honestly, my friends and I spend a lot of time making fun of the billboards that UMW puts up, especially their slogans. Going in to this, I had no idea what to say to make a cheesy ad, so I went to the UMW Admissions page for inspiration. Luckily for me, what they had there was pretty good on its own. I read what the admissions office put out in a cheesy voice, and added the wonderful slogan “it’s a great day to be an eagle.” I then added some happy piano music from youtube. I used Audacity to the record my voice and add the music to it.

Summertime Feeling Dramatic Reading Remix

For the audio assignments for this week, I really liked the idea of doing a dramatic reading, but setting it to different music to give it a completely new feel, so I made an assignment for it. For my dramatic reading remix, I did a reading of a cheesy song from my childhood, S Club 7’s “Summertime Feeling,” [embedded below for comparison] but put it to Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer.

I used audacity for everything. I decided that I was going to learn to use garageband, but really couldn’t figure it out. I promise I’m not stupid because people keep telling me how easy garageband is, but I already know how to do what I needed on Audacity, so I  gave up and used Audacity. I recorded the dramatic reading, and added the music behind it, adjusting the audio so the classical music didn’t overpower the reading.

Savin Rockin Around the Clock

So I can’t get this to upload to Sounndcloud right now, and I’m not sure why (I’m hoping it is just taking a while and will show up later).

This is the Music Mashup that I made for an assignment this week. I decided to use two very different sounding songs, that both talked about Rock and Roll. I used Bill Haley and His Comets’ “(We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock”, and Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock and Roll.” I really love both of these songs, even though they are so different. I honestly had a much different idea going into this, but I really couldn’t figure out how to do it on audacity. I wanted to have the Fall Out Boy lyrics over the Bill Haley music, but it wouldn’t work, so I did it this way instead. For my first attempt at music mixing, I’m going to tell myself that this isn’t that bad, but I really hope I get better at this as we go, so not all of my assignments are this weird.

Using audacity, I imported the songs from my itunes library, and then trimmed away the pieces I didn’t want, lined up the other parts, and adjusted tempo and volume a little.

Sound Story – Work

This is a sound story that I put together about my days at work. I drive to the train station very early in the morning, take the train in to DC, work/drink tea from the keurig all day, and then take the train back home
I made this by downloading sounds from (links will be at the bottom of the post). I then used audacity to trim down the individual sounds and put them in order. So far I am really enjoying audacity and the audio work, even though it was very confusing at first.
K-cup brewingtypingcity noisestraintrain noisescar noises 

DS106 Robot Radio Bumper

For my ds106 radio bumper, I went with a techno feel. I used this sound from  and a voice changing app on my phone to record the robot sounding “ds106 radio” and then used Audacity to put them together. I was really struggling with Audacity last night, so I hope that whatever I come up with for the other audio assignments will be an improvement on this.