Triple Troll


For my first go at an assignment of my choice, I decided to do the Triple Troll, because who wouldn’t want to triple troll people for a grade?

I decided to take a line that I have previously used in one of my gifs for last weeks assignment. For some reason I really liked this line. It’s terrible. It’s not even funny. It’s a very real glimpse of the types of jokes that real life cops make to deal with terrible situations.

I then attributed it to Kima, mainly because she is my favorite of the cops, but also it sounds like something she would say (followed of course by a “shiiiiit” as she does).

I then put it over a picture of another one of my favorite characters, Bubbles. Taken all together, this (in my mind at least) sounds like something that Kima might actually say about Bubbles’s long term dope addiction and everything he goes through for it.

I would like to think that this is a good fit all together, and that it might successfully troll someone, because really that’s why I’m here

I made this post by googling googling pictures of Bubbles, and then using GIMP to add the text to it.

4 thoughts on “Triple Troll

  1. Brilliant writ-up, and I like how it opens up possibilities. I like how the worst suicide being the slow suicide of addiction. It’s a powerful troll, and you nailed it. I would even make the image fullsize in the post. It would look better.

    Also, how did you make it? A quick addition of those details and this is a model write-up. You are quickly getting into the groove of #ds106 #4life.

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